Saturday, June 16, 2012

An introduction

I have thought, talked, argued and finally decided on starting a blog for years now.  If you check it, this blog space was actually created in 2010... It is currently 2012 for those of you who do not have a calendar handy.  I have always just thought "do I really have anything that anyone wants to read about?"  Well, I still don't know that I do, however I have decided that I need a place to collect my inner ramblings.  If others should enjoy those ramblings, awesome.  If no one does, meh.  So to start, I will do a little introduction and we shall go from there.
Firstly, I am a mama and a wife.  I have 4, yes 4, beautiful children.  Despite the uncomfortable talk that I had with my mother at the tender age of 12, I never really did learn where babies came from. Maybe mom waited too long. 
I would like to think that my family is the coolest on the block, not sure if that is true, but I am sticking to it. 
Mr. Radiant, my wonderful hubby, is in market research and is a total pop culture nerd.  The Radiant babes, well, they keep us busy.  There is J, who is 7 and a big smarty pants who like superheros, reading and crying about the younger babes bothering him.  M turns 5 in a few short weeks.  She is the only girl and believe me, she is a girl. Despite our desire to not subject our children to gender stereotypes, she is a princess at heart.  H is 2 and was born Xtreme... we just hope he doesn't grow up to be a douche like some Xtreme people I have had the pleasure to meet, however we will love him regardless.  Finally there is little J. At a wee 6 months of age, he currently weighs more than the other children weighed at 13 months... the kid likes to eat.
So, that is my family in a very tiny nutshell.
As for me, I just turned 30 (which was surreal).  I graduated with a degree in Anthropology, however have chosen to stay home with the babes.  This is a more recent decision though and up to this point, I worked in Market Research along side Mr. Radiant.  I knit a lot and design a bit.  I also sew (try to), cross-stitch, cook, bake, can, grow veggies and fruits and enjoy my radiant life with the awesomest family on my block.